AEI breaks onto campus with presentation by notable economist

    The American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., made its first foray onto Northwestern’s campus on Monday with a talk by economist-philosopher Alex J. Pollock titled “The Next Financial Crisis.” Author of the book “Boom and Bust,” Pollock fulfilled his lecture’s promise with the prediction that the next major economic downturn will occur […]


Fewer people than ever took part in the ASG election

  Every spring, the smell of soggy campaign flyers and free pizza fills the air across campus as candidates for Associate Student Government’s presidency attempt to win votes from a stereotypically apathetic student body. But this year has been a bit of a downer. For several reasons, the current ASG election is one of the least publicized and attended elections […]


NU-Q faces further censorship

  Although Northwestern in Qatar is part of Northwestern University, it faces a problem quite unheard of in Evanston: censorship of its class materials.  A recent article in NU-Q’s student newspaper, The Daily Q, revealed that NU-Q professors have had to remove controversial books from their syllabi because they were stopped by the Ministry of Culture from entering the country. […]